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Cranes and Plush by Benchmark Games

Monster Drop
  • A MONSTER of a game!

    Time the drop of the high energy ball so it falls through the JACKPOT, the MYSTERY VALUE, or TICKET WIN VALUES…

    Even if you miss, the ball bounces and careens around before dropping in a hole, so you WIN EVERY TIME!

    If a ball drops in an ADD BONUS BALL hole, balls are reserved until, if you make it in a DROP BONUS BALLS hole, it’s a MULTI-PLAY extravaganza!

    Bounce a ball up onto the platform and into the MONSTER JACKPOT hole and
    win a huge 2-player cumulative JACKPOT!

    1-Year “Top to Bottom…
    Front to Back… It’s All Covered” Warranty.

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Trap Door
  • ...a game so enticing your customers will GO BANANAS!

    Every player can WIN…

    Skillfully stop the SPINNING LIGHT in WIN ZONES, which will cause the TRAP DOOR to crank open, until finally, the prize falls through the chute! Then, to reload the prize, a claw automatically seeks out and grabs another toy & drops it on the TRAP DOOR, ready to play!

    The player watches the TRAP DOOR open little by little, the prize getting ever so close to dropping, and they just can’t stop till they win!

    Display your best plush, and TRAP DOOR will keep customers lined up to play!

    * Low-maintenence, high-revenue merchandiser.
    * L.E.D. lighting for long lasting service.
    * Innovative trap door and mouse-trap snap-claw (*patents pending)

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